Saturday, August 24, 2019

Listen HIM to spark of love


“The day you listen to ballad music you are allowing yourself to fall in love”, the statement was insignificant till the day I didn’t impinge on RABBI SHERGILL. As his name his music composition too brings serenity and calmness to all grey and white matter of brain. The more I listen to you more I feel the overtones of trust and loyalty in your utterances and love.

The love potion decoded by him in his melodies like Ek Geet Hijar Da, Ballo, Challa,Ishtihaar,Tera Bin, Ajj Nachna to name a few, tug the heartstrings of everyone . One can truly understand the depth of his music when one listens to his live recordings or if lucky, have the pleasure of listening to him in person. His lyrics are often hard to decipher with strangely brewed metaphors laced one after the other, sometimes one wonders if he is a complete lunatic or a brilliant poet. He is acontemporary Shiv Kumar Batalvi for me. The account of love painted by him imprints in the heart and soul of a listener. His creations have the grace to carry you in the pleasant and idyllic dreams. The songs have a storyline which makes you cherish every beat and word of him.

Lets examine the episodes of Gurpreet Singh Shergill’s life (his real name), nurtured in a preacher’s house(father) took heed to a poetess mother’s lullaby, he reverberates his father’s preaching and mother’s poetry in his spiritual music. Hailing from Delhi, he played in various college fest under the band “Kaffir”. His energetic breakthrough materialized by ‘Phat Phish Records’ after vicious cycle of neglects and stillborn contracts with various music companies. His self-titled first album Rabbi(2005) was very successful and its title track “Bulla ki jaana main kaun” (Bulla, I know not who I am!), become an instant hit.

The other songs in the album are an eclectic mix, including songs of joy (Ajj Nachna), love (Tere Bin) and even on contemporary issues (Jugni). Rabbi writes in Punjabi, for “It is my pride”, he says. Most of the songs in the album were composed and written by Rabbi himself except for “Bulla ki Jana” based on the poetry of 18th century Sufi mystic Baba Bulleh Shah, “Heer” From Heer by Waris Shah and “Ishtihar” by Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Working as a music director and lyricists for a Bollywood movie, Delhi Heights and performing in the inaugural ceremony of Tri-Continental Film Festival in New Delhi added new feathers to his cap.

The admiration and esteem he gathered after the launch of his second album, Avengi Ja Nahin(2008) bring laurels to Punjabi music industry.

His ruhani sangeet made me a devotional lover. I occasionally say to my beloved sweetheart “Ohh!! Girl let these feelings prevail you before my eyes dimmed in blindness.” Love is a polite and sweet affection which should grow and strengthen with every breathe you take.

P.S No discourtesy to other genres of music.
With love
G Khehra

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