Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Amrinder Gill



Amrinder Gill has become the favorite music celeb of the new generation. Out of his magical music lamp he has given many of folk-rooted songs and up tempo tracks which are with the best dancing beats and are being loved by all his fans. From past few years, his voice has got the huge fame and he is entertaining his fans worldwide with his unique collection of songs.

Amrinder was born and brought-up in the village Boorchand, near Amritsar (Punjab). His voice is blessed with various singing styles. He has been singing POP Tracks, Desi Beat Numbers and even the Emotional songs as well. One of his most popular emotional song “Paigam” gave the worldwide recognition to his voice and since then, he started his run on the musical runway and touched the sky by giving continuous hits like “Daru”, “Madhaania”, “Khedan De Din”, “Mel kara De” and “Dildarian”.

Amrinder was not having any musical knowledge from his family background and he was not even influenced by music during his upbringing. His workout with “Dildarian” won the hearts of people and played a big role in increasing his fan following. He is loved for the songs he sing filled with deep emotions and purity of love. Most of his tracks reflect the blend of sadness in a better tempting way which sounds really soulful. His songs are always evergreen and are preferred as ever-listening. His honest lyrics always keep his singing so much refreshing.
Amrinder loves to work in his homeland and moreover he is also doing stage shows in the villages of Punjab. He is using the production skills of ‘The Music Man’ Sukhshinder Shinda, which are making his tracks filled with dynamic musical moods. In his latest album Judaa he has worked with Dr. Zeus.

In the year 2009, He made his movie debut in director Manmohan singh’s Punjabi film, “Munde U.K. De” which was a blockbuster hit. That gifted Amrinder an acting future as he performed so well and did justice to his character in the movie. In his career till now, he has worked with many great actors / actresses like Jimmy Shergill, Neeru Bajwa, Rannvijay Singh, Surveen Chawla and Diljit Dosanjh. So many times, Amrinder involves himself in the online live chat sessions on social networking site to interact with his fans. He is still doing so well in the music as well as acting industry to entertain his fans.


2000- Apni jaan Ke
2001- Chan Da Tukda
2002- Ek Vaada
2005- Dildarian
2007- Ishq
2009- Dooriyan
2011- Judaa


2005- Yaaran Naal Baharan – Song Khedan De Din With Sunidhi Chauhan
2009- Munde U.k. De – Sung Ishq Ho Gaya and Dil Milyan De Mele
2010- Ik Kudi Punjab Di – Kudi Punjab Di with Sukhshinder Shinda
2012- Taur Mittran Di – Sung all the songs


2009- Munde U.k. De
2010- Ik Kudi Punjab Di
2012- Taur Mittran Di
2012- Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22
2012- Saadi Love Story

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