Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Upcoming Punjabi film “Desi Munde”


Desi Munde is another upcoming Punjabi film. Desi Munde’s story is based on true events of a group of college graduate students. Three boys who are playing Desi Munde in the film, try to find a better life in abroad with the help of their education and other talents. They feel very frustrated and disappointed by the corruption, bribery and with the overall system in India. They dont agree with their elders advice to make their career in India.

By their own wish they choose a way that takes them through some huge problems and life-threatening experiences that nobody ever heard about. Desi Munde movie has got many colors such as emotions, action and entertainment thriller.

Starring : Bunty Grewal, Gurleen Chopra (Hashar Fame), Balkar Sidhu (Punjabi Singer), Gurleen Randhawa, Daljit Kaur, Raza Murad, Prikshit Sahni, Supan andhu,

Razia, Neetu Pandher, Karmveer Cheema and more.
Music: Santosh Kataria
Lyrics: Nirmal Purewal, Raj Kakra
Editor: Omkar Bhakhri
Cameraman: Inderjit Bansal
Action: Mohan Baggad
Dialogs: B.B. Verma
Story: Balwinder Singh Heer
Producers: P.S. Purewal & Balwinder Singh Heer
Director: Mandeep Benipal (Ekam Fame)

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