Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Exclusive report on movie Sadda Haq


Sadda Haq movie has been going through controversies since its announcement. After a long delay, the movie was finally about to release on 5th April worldwide. But on the eve of its release, Punjab Government announced a ban on the movie again. Though the movie released worldwide and doing very well in Canada, UK and wherever the Sikh communities are based.

The Producers and star cast have shown their disappointment in different ways after Punjab Government imposed ban on the movie. Along with the whole team of Sadda Haq, some community leaders and common audience have criticized the decision of stopping its release in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.

Whatever happens with its release, whatever the government say, whatever the producers feel, the final decision is in the hands of common public. The viewers have to decide whether they want to see the movie which is believed to be glorifying terrorism, according to the reports. Even though it is based on true story, yes it was a really bad time but do we need to remember it again and again?

Yes the community suffered a lot in that period and was given very deep wounds, but do we need to scratch them again and again. If its gonna do any good for the community or for the country now, then we all must support the release of the movie. But the question remains with the audience, what they want, should the older emotions over come the enlightened future of the country, don’t we have proper rights and stand in the country (having a Sikh Prime Minister) ??

If one wants to talk about justice then i think we should all raise the voice together. But the purpose should be straight forward, if we want to ask to punish some guilty persons who were responsible for the terrorism they should be targeted straight or one can show the suffered persons life in the movie who are waiting for justice. But there should not be any movie showing whole of the terrorism without any particular target. The movie should follow the real life stories by gathering complete information because this is a very sensitive matter and fraction of mistake can cause lots of trouble and can spread wrong message which can hurt peace.

Our purpose of writing this article is not to support any particular party or individual, we just want everyone to decide what’s right or what’s wrong. Like every Indian, we want to see one India, the humanity amongst everyone. There are so many other problems to sort out, many other facts to take care of, even our Guru’s have said that a person has to be human first, everything else comes after that. So we request that lets see this world with eyes of humanity.


  • yes its true brother… was really a bad time dat we all faced…but now we all have to provide helping shoulder to each other to control all these politics issues….and Humanity will never ever end….

  • Its true that its not the juncture to graze the wounds again and again when we have so many other sturdy issues which are needed to be solved now…..instead of lionizing these useless issues the audience like us have to come together for solving the more desired matters…these movies are just working as liability for nation instead of laudable assets….its toooo bad!!!

  • yes absolutely right. we don’t want to see such type of movies.we want it’s my humble request to the film makers don’t create such type of movies. i appreciate this well done punjabgold..

  • cinema means to make u feel the happiness around and sometime to make u see which we refuse to accept, but cinema bringing horrific memories which only bring pain and hatred to everyone is unacceptable. Producers shod grow up to sponsor such anti social stories. No killing is justified irrespective of the cause.

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