Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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I AM SINGH – This film is a story of a young sikh named Ranveer Singh Sodi and its a salute to the undying spirit of unconquerable Sikhs all over the world. The movie is written and directed by well known actor, writer and Director Puneet Issar.

Story Preview –

Ranveer (GulzarInder Chahal) is a young, confident, intelligent and a very well settled man in India. Ranveer’s elder brothers Balbir Singh & Bikram Singh are citizens of America (US). Both are reasonably well settled there. They have their own restaurant in America. Ranveer’s parents go for a holiday to the US to meet their elder sons. Ranveer doesn’t want to go with them as he is busy attending his friend’s marriage in India. Life is very smooth going for this family.

The story takes a turn when Ranveer receives a call from his mother from US. Ranveer’s life changes in a moment as he gets the news that his brother Bikram is dead and his father is seriously injured and his other elder brother Balbir is missing. The reason behind all this is unknown. Ranveer gets in a dilemma
and straight away leaves for America.

The story is about the bonding of different cast and cultures in the USA. Still everyone is allowed to follow their religion and cultures and to be treated equal.

Starcast: GulzarInder Chahal, Tulip Joshi, Mika Singh, Brooke Johnston, Rizwan Haider, Puneet Isarr

Written and Directed By : Puneet Isarr

Produced By: S. Peshaura singh Thind

Music Directors : Monty Sharma, Daler Mehndi, Sukhwinder Singh, Sudhakar Dutt Sharma

I am Singh Movie – Check out Theatrical Trailer

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