Movie Review – Best of Luck

Gippy Grewal’s acting career is at the peak these days and the King of Bhangra Jazzy B making his acting debut, these aspects made Best of Luck one of the most awaited Punjabi movies. Music of Best of Luck has added a lot to the curiosity of its releasing.

Best of Luck’s release was being delayed due to some reasons, but now when it has been released, we are going to see the long queues outside the cinema halls for first few days.

About Story –
Kullu (Gippy Grewal) and Happy (Binnu Dhillon) are two pizza delivery boys in Canada. Kullu falls in love with Simran (Simran Mundi) and Happy finds his childhood love. But to make their love story successful, they plan a kidnapping and by mistake they kidnap Goli Gangster (Jazzy B). When they realize that they have made a big mistake, they get ready to do anything for Goli, who uses them to save his own love story with Preet (Sonampreet Bajwa).

Whats Good –
Movie has got only a few positives and the individual performances have been a big plus to that. Music is another factor which lifts the movie in a big way. Dialogs are the main support to the storyline.

Whats Not –
The story itself is the main weak point of the movie and the sequencing is found missing. Some scenes seem like take off from a mid way rather than being started. Like; when Kullu and Happy kidnap Goli, he doesn’t speak anything and when they reach home, they aren’t being surprised before watching the television. There have been so many mistakes in the story line.

About Characters –
Actor’s performances have been a big plus to the movie. Even though Jazzy B is making his debut in the acting stream but he hasn’t looked like a fresher on the screen. He has been given lesser dialogs as compare to the other characters but his silent expressions say a lot. Well Gippy Grewal is taking this acting job very seriously because he looks an improved actor every time he comes on the screen. Simran Mundi and Sonampreet Bajwa both have looked gorgeous and sincere about their characters in the movie. Binnu Dhillon is the life line of most of his movies and he proves it again in Best of Luck. Puneet Issar hasn’t done too many Punjabi movies but he looks like a perfect character for grandfather’s role.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
Story and screenplay have let the movie down, but dialogs are really good and enjoyable.

About Music & Background Score –
Music has been one of the best uplifting points for the movie, which was expected too. Because when the two rocking bhangra stars are there then music cannot be a let down. Khangya, Happy Shappy and 91 ya 92 are the most blitzed tracks of the movie. Background music is found missing at few moments where it was required but in the rest of the movie it is very much ok.

About Direction –
The director Manmord Sidhu has shown some really big positives with his shot making. But he can be kept on the firing line with the story sequencing and for few scenes which don’t take a good start.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Best of Luck is a fun ride but not a promising story line. It starts well, moves slowly and ends poorly. But Individual performances by Gippy Grewal, Jazzy B, Binnu Dhillon and the lead female characters have been the uplifting points of the movie along with its songs. It cannot be called a must watch but it is entertaining in the patches.

Star Rating –
From, Best of Luck gets 2.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera