Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Movie Review – Bikkar Bai Senti Mental


Ever since the promo of Bikkar Bai Senti Mental has been released, different thoughts have been running in everyone’s mind. Some people think that this movie is going to bring a revolutionary change in the Punjabi Cinema, some think that it is more of a satire on our system and politicians, some are taking it as just a film with action packed in it. But one thing is for sure that it has made the most people think about the movie. So now when it has been released then lets see what Bikkar Bai’s Paawa has to say.

The title and the promo showed that Bikkar Bai Senti Mental is a story of a common man who alone fights against the corruption and the whole system. The concept of the movie is something new to offer to the Punjabi cinema. Predominantly we are watching romantic and comedy Punjabi movies in the recent past but Bikkar Bai is beyond of today’s usual subject. I have to say that it was a difficult experiment to go against the run a play but it has worked exceptionally well. Bikkar Bai has succeeded to represent the story of an honest common man who is forced to turn rivalry against the system. The movie is wonderfully sequenced and it touches the emotions of every common man. Even though it hasn’t focused much on the love story and the laughter sequences but still it is entertaining through out. The movie does have some flaws like few topics could have been given some more depth and some characters needed little more presence in the story. But leaving behind the flaws, the movie contains more to appreciate than to criticize.

Bikram Singh alias Bikkar Bai Sentimental (Jassi Jasraj) is the center point of the plot. The story revolves around Bikram Singh who is a middle class man and doing a job in an insurance company. He is a man with norms and hates corruption. He denies everything which involves corruption and mostly he raises his voice against it. In the process of raising his voice against the awful things, his wife Jeeti (Preeti Jhingiani) looses her tolerance and leaves him. Few other reasons force Bikram Singh to lift the Paawa and turn Bikkar Bai. A corrupt policeman Zile Singh (Bobby Sandhu) and a corrupt politician (Sardar Sohi) are the main targets along with some other harmful characters of the society for Bikkar Bai.

Bikkar Bai Senti Mental is such a brilliant topic and it hits the note of emotions belong to every middle class man. It’s an astonishing change to the current trend of Punjabi movies. We can call it a one man show but the one man army has done justice to the subject. More like a typical Sunny Deol movie where the only man is heavier on everybody else. The story is very well sequenced and there is a bunch of sentiments to attach with the movie. But there are few things which required little more attention than they have been given. The reason Bikram Singh turns to Bikkar Bai could have been more solid. Sardar Sohi, the Minister who is the main negative character, could have got more involvement in the story, certainly at the end. With such small loopholes, rest of the movie could be called a great effort. The movie delivers a good social message too and it has brought a really interesting weapon into play, PAAWA.

In the acting prospective, Bikkar Bai Senti Mental has hardly left any dilemma. Jassi Jasraj has been splendid in his debut movie. He has given the touch of Sunny Deol with his dialog delivery and he carries the movie at his own. Preeti Jhingiani looks good and played her character very gently. Shahbaz Khan had a short but a remarkable character as ACP. Sardar Sohi also don’t have much role to play but he does justice to his character. Rana Ranbir is the only comedian in the movie and he has succeeded to spread a good enough laughter. Bobby Sandhu played an interesting little character of Haryanvi Policeman and his dialog delivery is very sensible.

The Director, Gautam Nagrath who was assistant director in Salman Khan Starrer Garv, has done a wonderful work in Bikkar Bai Senti Mental. His shot making has been superb and the way he has sequenced the movie is really appreciable. Story of the movie is really good and something new for the Punjabi movies. Screenplay and Dialogs of the movie have been awesome and will be remembered for a long time. Few scenes look little dull but still Cinematography is good overall.

Music of the movie is likeable, most songs are already amongst the hit list of music channels. Background score is also excellent.

All in all Bikkar Bai Senti Mental has been a wonderful effort and a superior change for the Punjabi movies. With small loopholes, the movie has more to appreciate than to criticize and it’s a must watch.

From, Bikkar Bai Senti Mental gets 3.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera

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  • movie boht attt c………
    great movie JASSI jasraj sir
    nowadays thr is really a need of person charactr like bikkar 22
    awsum movie 4.5/5
    .5 ta kattey aa bcz rana 22 da end ni dikhaya .
    overall great movie
    keep it up
    paawaa bol e pea 22 ji tuada 😀

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