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Movie Review – Daddy Cool Munde Fool


Daddy Cool Munde Fool, the title tells it all that it’s about a cool father and naughty sons. Even the promo showed that the movie is a funny battle between dad and sons. But the father certainly has a plethora of him essaying over the top of sons characters.

Daddy Cool Munde Fool carries one goal to aim at that is to entertain people without running after many logics. If we geared up for a Carry on Jatta or Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 type of a movie with confusing humor in loads, then Daddy Cool Munde Fool remains little behind in the race. Because the movie looses humor at many points and tends to stretch itself forcefully at times. But the movie is a zany entertainer that belongs to the present hardcore commercial style of Punjabi cinema which is just to amuse the audience.

The title itself speaks about the plot of the movie that is a comical battle between a widower father and disobedient sons. The father Parminder Singh Pappi (Jaswinder Bhalla) and the sons Mani (Amrinder Gill) and Gani (Harish Verma) stand face to face with each other during the course of their marriages. Pappi (father) finds her old love Diljaan (Amar Noorie) and on the other side Mani and Gani are already fallen for Diljaan’s daughters Rinky (Yuvika Chaudhary) and Minky (Ihana Dhillon). Now if Pappi marries Diljaan, Rinky and Minky becomes sisters of Mani and Gani. So the sons want to stop their father from marrying to save their own love. The battle goes through many situations, both the parties (father and sons) retort each other turn by turn.

Subject wise, Daddy Cool Munde Fool has something new to offer to the Punjabi Cinema because we are watching more of rom-com movies in the recent past. The movie has a lots of laughter but little lesser than its promo promised. Even though it was a different subject but not proved enough to make a complete movie upon. Love story could have been increased more especially when there are two lead couples featuring in the movie. One major thing found missing in the movie is, that it is very less crowded, maximum of 4-5 characters are seen together most the time. The humorous encounter brings in lots of amusement though. I found two best moments in the movie, one is a song filmed on Jaswinder Bhalla and Amar Noorie (Classmate) and the other is when Amrinder Gill comes as a Police Inspector.

Harish Verma and Amrinder Gill teamed up for the first time in Punjabi movies ad the looked collaborated through out the movie. Earlier it was expected that Harish Verma might hold an upper hand out of the two but Amrinder looks an improved actor in the movie and never let his part go loose at any point. Feel for the two lead actresses Yuvika Chaudhary and Ihana Dhillon as they both don’t have much to do in the movie but yet Yuvika is the pick, out of the two. Amar Noorie played her part really well as mother and looked more on the lead as compare to the other two lead actresses. Sardar Sohi and Karamjit Anmol played their side roles very well. Upasna Singh and Rana Ranbir played a real cameo and added a lot to the humor. But above everyone else, Jaswinder Bhalla is the stand out performer in the movie and looks a real cool Dad. It’s his role which takes the movie forward all the time and his dialogs are ones which are going to be remembered by the audience.

The director Simerjit Singh who earlier directed Gurdas Maan starrer Chak Jawana, makes an endeavour to present such a subject to Punjabi cinema. His shot making is absolutely terrific but he was left little undone by the fewer crowds in many scenes. Screenplay and dialogs are enjoyable for atleast one and half hour out of the complete movie. Cinematography is good enough.

Music of the movie is nice amiable with songs like Lagda Na Gabru Da Jee, Classmate and Raatan Chittian. Background score is also agreeable and goes with the situation of the scenes.

All in all Daddy Cool Munde Fool is a cool movie to watch once. It is not tremendous but a decent movie having lots of lol moments but not many lmao scenes.

From, Daddy Cool Munde Fool gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera

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