Movie Review – Haani

When we watch the trailer of Haani, first thing comes in our mind that it has something out of ordinary and something different from the current trends of Punjabi cinema. Even for Harbhajan Mann who carries the credit of lifting the Punjabi Cinema, it has been something new for him in terms of looks and the character in Haani.

Haani has been amongst the highlights from last few days because of the different looks of the actors and old traditions have been shown in the movie. So now when it has been released, lets see what it has got to offer to the audience.

About Story –
HaaniThe story begins with two close friends Ranjeet (Harbhajan Mann) and Jagir (Sarbjit Cheema) living in the same village. Ranjeet falls for a girl named Sukhan (Maninder Kaur) living to his next village and Jagir helps him to get near to Sukhan. But story takes a turn when Ranjeet gets shot dead and his soul stays there until Canada returned his grandson Harman (Anuj Sachdeva) starts interacting with him. The story repeats itself with Harman similar to his grandson Ranjeet Singh.

Whats Good –

There have been so many things which go in favour of the movie. The concept, story sequence and music are the admirable aspects in the movie. But the special highlight of the movie is the old traditional Punjab shown in the movie which looks something spectacular for the modern Punjabi cinema.

Whats Not –

The movie has a few drawbacks like the acting by the main lead actresses is not that impressive and the screen seem to be empty at many times, means less crowded. A bit of slowness encounters the story at times.

About Characters –
HaaniHarbhajan Mann is seen in all new avatar in Haani and he has been on top of his job in the movie. He has played pretty soft roles in his previous movies but in this movie he has shown so many shades in his character. Sarbjit Cheema has also been suited well for the second lead actor and he has done a good job as a young friend as well as an old man. Mahreen Kaleka is a new face in the Punjabi movies and that thing was a bit heavier on her. Probably she had a bigger responsibility to lift in such an early stage of her career. Anuj Sachdeva hasn’t done a bad job either. Ashish Duggal and Sardar Sohi have done their characters wonderfully well.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
Story, Screenplay and Dialogs, everything is good and collaborates very well through out the movie. Story is Little bit slow and shaky at times but yet good enough for a complete film.

About Music & Background Score –
Music is a yet another factor in Haani which makes it really different from current trends of Punjabi cinema. The movie has soul touching songs especially Teri Meri Jodi, Taang Sajjna Di and Heer Saleti. Background Music is pretty well combined with the scenes.

About Direction –
Amitoj Maan is the director of Haani, so there are not many doubts left in quality of the direction. If we ignore shaky camera in few scenes, the direction work is wonderful through out the movie. As Amitoj Maan has used the locations, is being simply admirable.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Haani is must watch for some reasons like a beautiful old traditional Punjab, a unique concept and not to forget the acting by Harbhajan Mann. It may have few flaws but yet something new and a good experience for Punjabi cinema lovers.

Star Rating –
From, Haani gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera