Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Movie Review – Jatts in Golmaal


It’s like raining comedy movies! And the comedy faces are same too in most movies. Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N. Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, they are like limelights for Punjabi movies these days. They have been delivering such fantastic entertainment which attracts the audience towards the cinema hall every time these names are associated with a movie.

Jatts in Golmaal is a movie seems like inspired by Jatt & Juliet and Carry on Jatta. It might not be entertaining as compare to these blockbuster movies but still contain moments to laugh out loud.

About Story –
A young boy Sunny (Arya Babbar) wants to go to Canada and settle his life there. He meets an IELTS teacher Raavi (Samiksha Singh) and falls for her but Raavi doesn’t deal well with her. Sunny meets another immigration agent Jugnu (Gurpreet Ghuggi) who ask Sunny to arrange 20 Lac rupees. With the help of his uncle Balli (Jaswinder Bhalla), Sunny arranges 20 Lac rupees some how but due to some reasons Jugnu is not able to deliver the Passport and ticket to Sunny. The confusion of money involves a Don Teetu (Binnu Dhillon) and his uncle (B.N. Sharma) in the story. So many confusions and a little love story moves together.

Whats Good –
Jatts in Golmaal is hilarious in most of its duration which is quite obvious in the presence of all the comedy hunks. The individual performances and one to one punches deliver a lot of laughter. Intentionally or unintendedly, it contains a good message too for Punjabi youngsters that a dream of going to abroad has to be fulfilled in a proper manner.

Whats Not –
The Story and concept of Jatts in Gomaal is not up to the mark. They tried to bring in laughter by creating confusions but in the process the story slips and slows down. Superb performance of the characters appeal but story halts their charge too. Veena Malik has done an item song which comes at a situation where it is not required at all.

About Characters –
Arya Babbar is the main lead and his performance is outstanding, the way he has added so much weight to his character is appreciable. After featuring in so many Tamil movies, Samiksha Singh has made her way into Punjabi movies little while back and this is her first Punjabi movie as a lead actress but unfortunately she hasn’t succeeded to impress much. About Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla and B.N. Sharma, we have to use the same word every time, AWESOME. They are not doing anything new in terms of characterisation but yet they impress everytime with their dialogs and dialog delivery. They all have been the main pillars of Jatts in Golmaal. Karamjeet Anmol too every time chips in with a smart role. Sardar Sohi don’t have much to do in this movie but still he remains satisfactory.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
The story concept hasn’t been appealing and is the weakest point of the movie. It starts well but moves very slow towards the climax. But climax of the movie is really good and thoroughly enjoyable. Second half is way better than the first one. Screenplay and Dialogs automatically become awesome when the star cast such as Jatts in Golmaal, delivers them.

About Music & Background Score –
There are not many songs in Jatts in Golmaal as compare to other Punjabi movies but still there have been two superb pics in form of Jatt Baal Dauga by Mika Singh and Akhiyan Mila Lai by Roshan Prince. Background music is good through out except at one or two scenes where it is louder than required.

About Direction –
Jatts in Golmaal is a completely different topic if we compare it with Ksshitij Chaudhary’s previous directorial Harbhajan Maan starrer Heer Ranjha. But he did an equally good job as he did with Heer Ranjha.

All in all (About Movie) –
All in all Jatts in Golmaal is not a joy ride through out but yet has got humour in loads especially in the second half. Story concept does loose focus at many situations which obstructs making it a wholesome entertainer.

Star Rating –
From, Jatts in Golmaal gets 2.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera