Movie Review – Kirpaan: The sword of honour

In the last few years of Punjabi cinema, we are watching rom-com movies predominantly. But seems like the Punjabi cinema is going to flip to the other side now with movies like Kirpaan: The sword of honour which looks like more of an action drama movie.

Kirpaan: The sword of honour could be a new milestone for Roshan Prince in his acting career as he has been in the all new avatar in this movie.

About Story –
Jasbir Singh Viru (Roshan Prince) is a defaced guy in his life who is careless about everything in his life except his childhood friend Seerat (Sameksha Singh) whom he loves too. A time comes when suddenly things start to go against Viru and he had to face so many problems one after the other. Then he decides to go to England to his friend to get his life on track but the problems don’t leave him there too until he meets Jasmine (Gurleen Chopra). Going through some funny and romantic period of time Viru finally finds the goal of his life that is to reclaim their traditional Kirpaan: The sword of honour.

Whats Good –
Concept of the movie is one of the good points along with the message they tried to deliver. The story builds up very nicely in the first half and that is where the movie is more enjoyable.

Whats Not –

The story sequence breaks a lot. It builds interestingly in the first half but falls way down in the second. The story takes too long to reach to the main goal. The climax isn’t that meaningful as its expected while watching the movie.

About Characters –
As we all know, Roshan Prince is a very talented actor and singer but he has looked a little patchy in this movie. But I have to say that he has performed awesomely in some scenes. He has gone out of his range and touched very high nodes of acting in few shots. Samiksha Singh hasn’t done a bad job either but Gurleen Chopra stands out from two of the lead actresses. This is one of her best performances in the Punjabi movies. Kulbhushan Kharbanda and the other star cast have played their parts decently.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
The story of Kirpaan has been good for the most part of the movie but it looses the focus after the intermission till the climax. It takes bit too long to introduce the main goal of the film. Screenplay and Dialogs are just about average.

About Music & Background Score –
Much like the other things in the movie, Music and background score are also bit inconsistent. Ahsas da rishta and Assi Sardar Hunde aa are the pick of the songs. Background score is weak in some scenes and opposite to that, its tremendous at some situations.

About Direction –
Amrik Gill is the director of the movie who is known for his writing skills in the movies like Mini Punjab, Tera Mera Ki Rishta, Yaaran Naal Baharan and many more including Kirpaan. Talking about his direction, which is not bad by any means in Kirpaan except the point of sequencing the story.

All in All (About Movie) –
Kirpaan: The Sword of Honour is a decent attempt to give the youngsters a new path in the life. But the movie was expected more than it delivers. If the story could have ended with the same theme and interest the way it is in the first half, we could have had a brilliant movie to watch, but have to say, the sword isn’t sharp enough.

Star Rating –
From, Kirpaan: The Sword of Honour gets 2.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera