Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Movie Review – Lucky Di Unlucky Story


Lucky DI Unlucky Story, made by same director with almost the same star cast of Carry on Jatta, carries the same expectations also. The scenes, characters and dialogs of Carry on Jatta are still very much fresh in everyone’s mind and above that the same team comes up with another project “Lucky Di Unlucky Story. The success of their previous venture guaranteed the packed cinema halls for the new one.

Lucky Di Unlucky story starts and moves on almost in a same manner as Carry on Jatta for first 30 minutes. The Love story happens so quickly, 3-4 songs added in the beginning, make us feel like we are watching a remake of Carry on Jatta. But again when the movie passes first few minutes, it gears up to a confusing comedy. One to one punches, confusing situations brings in a flood of laughter, especially in the second half. But if we compare to their earlier venture, the team Carry on Jatta stays little behind to the expectations.

The story involve all the characters equally but the point of confusion rises because of Lucky (Gippy Grewal), who is quite a play boy until he meets Seerat (Surveen Chawla). Lucky quits all his girl friends and gets engaged with Seerat. But the previous mistakes come in his life again and again to confuse his love story. His three friends Jassi (Gurpreet Ghuggi), Guri Brar (Jaswinder Bhalla) and Binnu Dhillon, who always blame their married life, decide to sort out their friend Lucky’s problem. They ask a girl (Shaffy) to involve Lucky in her love, so that Lucky’s thinking can divert from Seerat. But when they enter the hotel room, they find Shaffy dead and that becomes the turning point of the movie and creates a space for a Don, Jackie Dada (Jackie Shroff) to enter. After that lot of confusions enter, they try to escape from the problem which they are not responsible of.

As expected, Lucky Di Unlucky Story is a fun packed movie. Every dialog becomes a laughter punch automatically when we have Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon, Jaswinder Bhalla and Karamjeet Anmol together. Gippy Grewal also fitted equally to that laughter army. The movie has a lot to laugh out loud but little lesser as compare to Carry on Jatta. Even some situations are made forcefully and looked little awkward. The concept isn’t that great but the individual performances overtake that weak point. The climax is little short but still near to being the best part of the movie.

About Characters, Gippy Grewal looks improved in every movie. He keeps on climbing the stairs of acting. He was blamed to be in the shadow of other comedians in Carry on Jatta but this time he hasn’t let any hole opened. The way he has represented his lead role and he stood shoulder to shoulder with comedy gems, makes him a remarkable actor. We need not to comment on Jackie Shroff’s acting because he is doing it from decades and he did it amazingly in this movie too, though he is not being used well enough. Surveen Chawla is such a natural actress and as usual, she played her character very well. We can’t mention the comedians individually when the names are Gurpreet Ghuggi, Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla. They all are the comedy magnates and they have proved it once again in Lucky Di Unlucky Story. Karamjeet Anmol played a supporting role but when it comes to deliver punches, he is not less than anybody else. Smeep Kang himself played the character of Surveen Chawla’s brother and being an experienced actor, he looks very comfortable in front of the camera.

Now talking about Smeep Kang as Director, he has already proved that he is such a creative director and he delivers the same creativity in this movie as well. The story portion looks little weak in fact the most weak thing of the movie. Screenplay and dialogs are wonderful and enjoyable throughout the movie.

Gippy Grewal is a singer of that caliber that his songs can never be left unheard and unsung. His songs dominate the DJ parties more than anybody else’s. Music of Lucky Di Unlucky Story has fewer picks than his earlier movies. Just Desi Gaana, Whisky and Ishqe Da Rog are in the hit list. Background Music and Cinematography are just awesome.

All in all, Lucky Di Unlucky Story is a decent entertaining package. It contains brilliant screenplay but little weaker concept. It will be liked by the audience who believe more in entertainment than in logics.

From, Lucky Di Unlucky Story gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera