Movie Review – Naughty Jatts

Naughty Jatts, another addition to the rom-com Punjabi movies with the heavy star cast infact the hit cast of the recent times. Arya Babbar earned lot of appreciation from his previous movie Jatts in Golmaal, Roshan Prince’s Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad did well on the box office, the Punjabi Juliet, Neeru Bajwa is still enjoying the success of Jatt & Juliet 2 and Binnu Dhillon is the rockstar of Punjabi movies these days. So each and every member of Naughty Jatt’s cast is promising to bring another hit movie on the screen.

Director Pankaj Batra is making his come back in Punjabi movies after Virsa, released in 2010. Naughty Jatts is completely different in genre as compare to Virsa.

About Story –
The story begins with the one sided love story of two boys for a single girl. Rocky (Arya Babbar) is the neighbour of Simmy (Neeru Bajwa) and has been trying to impress Simmy for quite some time. On the other hand Laali (Binnu Dhillon) is a close friend of Simmy and he also wants to get married with her. But unaware of all the other things, Simmy wants to become a singer and also wants to marry a singer. Rocky’s cousin Balwinder (Roshan Prince) comes to the city for music classes and for a land case and he stays with Rocky at his flat. Rocky acquires his help to impress Simmy and Laali keeps on trying to push him back. All this develops an interesting plot.

Whats Good –
Taking on from the plot to the screenplay, direction and individual performances by the principal cast, all these things are in favour of Naughty Jatts. It’s a fun ride all the way through and moves on a very good pace without slipping even for a minute or two especially in the first half. A complimentary job by the whole star cast and the crew.

Whats Not –
There are very few weak points in the movie except one or two tiny ones. The climax could have been little more interesting and vast than it is. Few more reasons could have been generated for a better love story ending.

About Characters –

Arya Babbar is now getting use to the Punjabi cinema and looks impressive as a part of the lead cast. He has been on top of his performance in Naughty Jatts. Roshan Prince is improving more and more with every movie. He has looked cute in a more of a silent role but yet very imposing too. As usual, Neeru Bajwa has been terrific with her acting as well as with her looks in the movie. Binnu Dhillon is the standout performer once again. He is just too good once again and this time in more of a lead role. BN Sharma is another actor who has a big role in uplifting the movie. Karamjit Anmol deserves a huge appreciation with his character in Naughty Jatts. The way he has complimented Binnu Dhillon and other cast, is sympathetic.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
The story may not have anything new to offer but the way it has been presented and at the pace it moves, is really marvellous. Screenplay and Dialogs are very enjoyable and delightful.

About Music & Background Score –
Music of Naughty Jatts is moderate and is a bit above average. Surkh Gulabi, Katrina and Dil Nai Lagna are the picks. Background music also very restrained and goes well with all the scenes.

About Direction –
Director Pankaj Batra earlier directed Arya Babbar and Gulshan Grover starrer Virsa in 2010 and he earned a decent amount of fame with that movie. He has been involved in some big bollywood movies as an assistant director in the past. His work in Naughty Jatts is simply remarkable. The way he has carried a light hearted story, is really appreciating.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Naughty Jatts is humours, amusing and a twisted comic love story. Climax may not be as exciting as rest of the movie but still having the humour in loads. Watch it and it could prove to be a stress reliever for complete 2 hours.

Star Rating –
From, Naughty Jatts gets 3.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera