Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Movie Review – Pooja Kivein Aa


If a movie title is already a familiar one to the audience, it can help a movie to gain some publicity. Same is with the movie Pooja Kivein Aa. Pooja Kivein Aa is a superhit song by Sharry Maan, so the movie got some sort of benefit to prevail the title amongst the audience. Above that when you add real Pooja with this title, it makes doubly impact. But lets discuss does the movie justifies to the popularity of its title.

Pooja Kivein Aa has been yet another try of a rom-com movie. I’ve to call it a try because it isn’t up to mark to call it another addition to the rom-com movies. The comedy subject is a well tried and tested in the current era of Punjabi movies and Pooja Kivein also had to deal with the on going subject.The movie entertains in patches but even those patches are not too many to make it enjoyable thoroughly. The duet queen Miss Pooja could not handle it single handily because she didn’t get enough support from the story, screenplay and the co-artists.

The plot revolves around an NRI girl Pooja (Miss Pooja) who is in Mumbai to sort out a property case. The three lead cast males Deep (Tarun Khanna), Raj Singh Jhinjer and Bhinder (Sahil Vedoliya) are also in Mumbai and in search of a job. Co-incidentally one of them gets a job at Pooja’s house and later on he calls the other two in that house. All three try to impress Pooja to get marry with any of the individual. On the other side Pooja is stuck in the property case and she has to deal with a gangster builder Manoj Joshi. Comic Love story and a fraction of tense moments story remains parallel through out the movie.

Pooja Kivein Aa hits the right notes in the beginning but after a very short period the movie gets itself into the tragic situation where nothing could come up cleanly, neither the comedy nor the love story. Basically the writings of the movie are just not convincing enough to make it an entertaining stuff. Miss Pooja, Tarun Khanna and BN Sharma tried to stretch the comic sequences but they also could not do it successfully all the way. Pooja Kivein Aa has got some good enjoyable patches where the audience can laugh out loud and feels attached to the story but these patches aren’t enough in count to carry the entertainment through out.

The director Nidhi Sharma is making her debut with Pooja Kivein Aa and by watching this movie one feels the inexperience in the direction. Story and Screenplay hasn’t been so impressive. There are few dialogs to make the audience laugh but not enough for a feature film. Music is enjoyable, Songs like Peepni and Pappi, item number featuring Rakhi Sawant are really entertaining. Background score gives more of comedy serial feel rather than feature film music. Cinematography is good.

Talking about the starcast, Miss Pooja played her role very well and she looks as good as in her songs. Tarun Khanna did a good job but Sahil Vedoliya and Raj Singh Jhinjer are just about average. BN Sharma is a gem and he proves it here as well. He played his part really well in such a week script. Manoj Joshi, the famous comedian of bollywood, is another addition to the Punjabi cinema but according to his potential he didn’t get a strong enough role. Anshu Sawhney and Sardar Sohi did well in their short roles.

All in all as per the present scenario of Punjabi Cinema Pooja Kivein Aa doesn’t live upto to the potential. There are some enjoyable moments but they are very limited.

From, Pooja Kivein Aa gets 2/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera

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  • Movie pooja kiven aa is a super flop movie. No one can afford to sit in front of screen when such a meaning less boring movie is being shown………it is the most most super flop movie………..

    Recommend all not to even think to see this movie……

    wastage of money………

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