Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Movie Review – Rangeelay


In the recent past Jimmy Shergill is wearing a producer’s hat rather than being on screen in Punjabi movies. After Dharti released in 2011, it’s the first time Jimmy Shergill is doing a lead role in a Punjabi movie. The other surprise Rangeelay contains is, bollywood beauty Neha Dhupia is making her debut in Punjabi cinema. So these factors make Rangeelay eye catching for Punjabi movies audience.

Unlike the current trend of Punjabi movies and much like Jimmy Shergill’s earlier movies, Rangeelay is also a colourful love story.

About Story –
The story starts from a Finance company called Rangeelay which has three recovery agents Shortgun (Rana Ranbir), Titli (Binnu Dhillon) and Sunny (Jimmy Shergill). But during their course of recovering things, Sunny falls for Simmy (Neha Dhupia). Simmy lives with her uncles, Major Sukhdev Singh (Shivender Mahal) and DSP Baldev Singh (Jaswinder Bhalla). She doesn’t like Sunny but Sunny is mad in her love and want to marry her. During his chase, Sunny enters Simmy’s house somehow. But he finds that there is already a boy Ricky (Angad Bedi) from UK, who has been selected to get married with Simmy by one of her uncles. So that makes things challenging for Sunny.

Whats Good –
Rangeelay is a complete masala movie having different shades like romance, comedy, action and emotion. Love story goes very well with support of action and comedy tadka. Individual performances are really good by all the characters.

Whats Not –
Story and concept is the only but a major weak point of the movie. Story moves slowly and tends to drop at many points. Screenplay and dialogs also don’t support the story too much, especially in the first half. But second half is way better and lifts the movie to the great extent.

About Characters –
Jimmy Shergill is such an experienced actor to handle any kind of role without much difficulty. He didn’t have to do much different for his character in Rangeelay but still he does it well enough to justify his character. Neha Dhupia is making her first outing in Punjabi movies with Rangeelay. But she hasn’t looked like a Hindi movies actress from her language. She delivered Punjabi dialogs as well as other Punjabi actresses do. Binnu Dhillon and Rana Ranbir may not have much to do in the movie but still they have succeeded to make their mark. Jaswinder Bhalla and Shivneder Mahal’s clashing dialogs add a real humour in the movie, especially Jaswinder Bhalla’s. The new comer Angad Bedi also looked good in his debut movie. B.N. Sharma has played a real cameo in the movie.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
Story, screenplay and dialogs of Rangeelay are just about average. All these segments are neither tremendous nor poor, so average is the word for these which are surprising facts when the writers are like Dheeraj Rattan and Rana Ranbir.

About Music & Background Score –
Music plays a big role in the success of a movie, especially when we are talking about Punjabi movies. Rangeelay gets a good enough support from the music and songs. Headache song and Yaara Tu are the picks of the songs. Background music is very decent and situational in the movie.

About Direction –
The director, Navaniat Singh is a well known name in the Punjabi movies for his extravagant work in the past. With Rangeelay, He does a wonderful job again except one or two scenes like Gol gappe sequence where background disturbs the situation.

All in all (About Movie) –
All in all Rangeelay is a decent entertainer filled with wonderful individual performances by the characters, especially in the second half. The plot may be conventional but still a sweet love story, so it’s worth watching.

Star Rating –
From, Rangeelay gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera