Movie Review – Romeo Ranjha

Actors jumping around the buildings, flying with parachutes, cars flying here and there, these are the few things which we are use to associate with Bollywood or Hollywood films but first time we are going to see such stunts in a Punjabi movie i.e. Romeo Ranjha.

Romeo Ranjha is the debut movie for the melodious singer Garry Sandhu and the romeo of Punjabi songs, Jazzy B is doing his second as main lead after Best of Luck.

About Story –
The story revolves around two thieves, Romeo (Jazzy B) and Ranjha (Garry Sandhu) who meet each other to share the living space in Bangkok. But somehow they start working for two different gangsters, Rancho (Yograj Singh) and Mancho (Rana Jung Bahadur). They make a plan to cheat their bosses and run with the money and they do exactly that but by nature they both are cheaters too and the habit of cheating comes in between the two as well. But as they say “you reap what you seed” and that’s exactly what happens to Romeo and Ranjha when they get cheated one by one.

Whats Good –
When the promo was released, the first thing which brought the curiosity to watch Romeo Ranjha, was the stunts and this is the most admirable fact of the movie. The stunt scenes are performed very cleanly and they add a life to the story. Music is another segment which is very entertaining along with the background music.

Whats Not –
Romeo Ranjha suffers the same problem which has been the reason for most of the Punjabi movies not being liked by the audience and that reason is doing things too quickly without the solid reasons. The characters become friends too quickly, they fall in love too quickly and they steal things very easily which are meant to be very tough as per the script says. Romeo Ranjha tends to focus more on stunt scenes rather than the story and that resulted into a weakly sequenced film.

About Characters –
Jazzy B was awarded with the best debut actor for Best of Luck and that certainly added a lot of confidence in his acting. Much like his music videos, he looks very comfortable on the big screen now. After touching so many hearts with his melodious songs, Garry Sandhu is starting his acting career with Romeo Ranjha and that shows in his character of Ranjha. He looks good in patches as he couldn’t show too many variations. The female leads, Parul Gulati and the debutant Aman Grewal don’t have too much to do in the film but they did their parts decently. The other female lead, Monica Bedi also gave a courteous appearance in the movie. Rana Ranbir is good with his laughter punches. Yograj Singh and Rana Jung Bahadur are too good actors to use ever so slightly as they have been used in Romeo Ranjha.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
Again repeating the same thing, the stunts been focused heavily in Romeo Ranjha but not the other important factors like Story and Screenplay. Story lacks the depth and the reasonable scenes. Screenplay and dialogs are very average e.g. using Jatt-Jatt everywhere doesn’t make a dialog appealing one.

About Music & Background Score –
Music & Background Score are very appreciable. All the songs are really enjoyable, especially Chandri Raat, Jugnu and the title track Romeo Ranjha. Background music is really amazing and builds the value of the scenes.

About Direction –
Navniat Singh has given so many superhit movies to Punjabi cinema and he hardly leaves a loophole in the direction. But he has a missed a trick or two in Romeo Ranjha. The story not going to depth and the scenes are not being very reasonable are not the things we use to associate with the director like Navnait Singh but this time we have to.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Romeo Ranjha has super stunts, great music and terrific promotion as its trump card, but it falters in its writing and scene presentation. Yet, all said and done, the film has the merits to strike a chord with some youth and lovers of masala movies, but not the film for everyone.

Star Rating –
From, Romeo Ranjha gets 2.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera