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Movie Review – Saadi Love Story


In Pollywood, when a movie needs to catch the attraction of the audience, it needs few basic fundas, one is popular faces in star cast (if they are popular singers, that’s even better) and the other funda is a good music. Saadi Love Story includes both the things. Desi Romantic Jatt Diljit Dosanjh and Soft Romantic singer Amrinder Gill fulfil both the required fundas. These things are enough to bring the audience in the cinema hall but that doesn’t complete the job. Most important thing is how much a movie succeeds to keep the audience bound and entertains them all the way through.

Both Diljit Dosanjh and Amrinder Gill’s previous movies were in the hit list especially Diljit’s Jatt and Juliet did wonders on the box office. So the audience were eagerly waiting for Saadi Love Story to be released.

Saadi Love Story tries to be the confusing love story but actually it isn’t because most of the things come in the understanding before they can build up a suspicious situation. Two boys trying to make their mark for one girl, isn’t such a new subject for the Punjabi movies and has been disturbing for the few, it troubles Saadi Love Story too. It is a decent entertainer to start off and also just before the climax, the movie picks up really well but the middle part isn’t that enjoyable. Saadi Love Story does contain the situational comedy especially by Diljit Dosanjh. Amrinder Gill looks good at soft spoken dialogs. The emotional situations do attach the audience for a bit but not for the complete two hours. There are few surprises also which lift the movie time and again.

Saadi Love Story is a story about two boys, Rajveer (Diljit Dosanjh) and Rajveer (Amrinder Gill), who are struggling to build their careers as Singer and Photographer respectively and the two girls, Gurleen (Neetu Singh) and Preeti (Surveen Chawla), out of them, one wants to become a fashion designer and the other one always remain in dreams of her expected Prince charming. Drama begins when Gurleen meets with an accident which takes her into coma. Gurleen is hospitalized and here come Rajveer and Rajveer at Gurleen’s house and they both claim to be the original Rajveer, means Gurleen’s boyfriend. Though one more Rajveer enters that home little later…ssshhh. The confusion of finding original Rajveer delivers quite a bit entertainment before the movie leads towards the climax and its all sorted out with the help of surprises.

Saadi Love Story is a decent entertainer but it may not lead the expectation which the audience had from the movie. It succeeds to come into the liking but not consistently enough. Loaded with the stars, Saadi Love Story also delivers a good little social message i.e. youngsters should not choose the shortcut and wrong way to achieve their goal. The movie moves well from the beginning, going through some rough surface, it reaches well towards the climax. It will succeed to attach the most age groups but the attachment comes in the patches which is not a good sign for a jam pack starred movie. But the plus points definitely prevail over and outnumber the deficiencies most of the times.

After Jatt & Juliet, Diljit Dosanjh and Amrinder Gill team up for the second team, although Amrinder Gill didn’t have much to do in their earlier venture. They both played their part very well and produced some terrific comic and emotional situations together in Saadi Love Story. Diljit’s desi jatt character might feel little repeated at times but he is too good when it comes to deliver aggressive dialogs. Amrinder Gill remains in his character through out the movie. Neetu Singh has already shown what she is capable of, in her previous movie Dil Tainu Karda Ae Pyar. Surveen Chawla has already done enough work to fit herself comfortably in the character she has been asked for. Good to see Kulbhushan Kharbanda, a vastly experienced bollywood actor in a Punjabi movie after a long time. Other supporting cast has also played their part decently.

Dheeraj Rattan is a well known Punjabi film writer, who has penned many hit movies, also turns director with Saadi Love Story. Turning director with being a writer himself, Dheeraj Rattan did a decent job, might not be terrific but certainly not down the line as well. Story of the movie doesn’t have anything which can be called something new to introduce in Punjabi movies. Screenplay, Dialogs and Cinematography, everything stand up decently.

Music of Saadi Love Story is just about average which is a big surprise for a movie that includes such awesome singers, Amrinder Gill and Diljit Dosanjh. Lalten Nachdi and Akhiyan De Rubaru are the pick of the songs. Background score is very decent and smooth.

All in all, Saadi Love Story is a decent entertaining movie but certainly down the line of the expectations. It is not the disappointing movie by any means and good to watch once.

From, Saadi Love Story gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera

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