Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Movie Review – Sadi Gali Aaya Karo


In the trend of Punjabi Singers leading the Punjabi movies as actors, Team Sadi Gali Aaya Karo has been bold enough to cast all the new and non singer faces in the movie. But we should not forget that a movie should be considered for its concept, story, acting, direction and other important factors rather than just for its starcast.

Sadi Gali Aaya Karo is a decent entertainer with a nice message for the youngsters. Even though the story hasn’t got anything new to offer and the story itself is the only main week point of the movie but from entertainment point of view, the movie has been interesting enough to give it a watch. Ending of the movie has been a different one as compare to most of the movies these days.

The plot revolves three main characters in the movie, Sukhbir (Anuj Puri), Bhupinder (Nav Bajwa) and Channo (Zoya Afroz). Sukhbir from Punjab, comes to Chandigarh to gain the presidentship of youth in Chandigarh and Haryana boy Bhupinder also comes there for the same motive which adds the arrogance between the two. There motive takes turn when they both falls for Miss Chandigarh, Channo and takes admission to her college. Sukhbir and Bhupinder’s fight for presidentship turns into gaining the love of Channo there onwards. So that reason brings comedy and action together in the whole movie till the end.

Sadi Gali Aaya Karo does fulfill the entertainment dose but the story fails to hold the audience together. Some scenes are felt like really unnecessary according to the story. It does lift the interest at many points but suddenly loses in a big way quickly. But yet the ending of the movie can be called away from the basic line in a positive manner and that should be considered as a good message for the youngsters.

There may not be much known faces in the starcast but still all the characters look good in their own in the movie. Anuj Puri has been the most impressive of all. He certainly gives the expression of an experienced actor. Nav Bajwa also played his part well enough. Zoya Afroz looks a beautiful face on screen and she does an equally good job when it came to acting. Harpal Singh always succeed to leave his impression in every character he plays and he does the same in Sadi Gali Aaya Karo. The other supporting characters also did a decent job.

Sunil Puri (Pali) is the director of Sadi Gali Aaya Karo and he does and even-steven job which neither can be called a terrific one nor the worst one. At some situations, crowd was found lesser than as much it was required to be there. Music of the movie is good enough to enjoy while you are sitting in the cinema hall. Story of the movie is little week to carry the interest of the audience all the way through but Cinematography and screenplay is admirable.
All in all, Sadi Gali Aaya Karo contains fair amount of entertainment but in patches. It’s a decent attempt by a fresh cast and crew but could have been better. To go with everything else, it certainly contains ample positivity as well.

From Punjab Gold, Sadi Gali Aaya Karo gets 2.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera


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