Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Movie Review – Sajjan The Real Friend


Ever since the Punjabi cinema has gained the redevelopment, most of the Punjabi movies try to spread a message to its audience. The message about the living standard in abroad has been the most favorite one because it touches the most part of Punjab. When it has been tried a few times already, lets talk about that how does the Sajjan delivers it.

Sajjan – The Real Friend is also another movie focusing on a Punjabi’s life in abroad. But one should not forget that it’s a movie after all and a movie needs to be in such a manner that even if you are trying to deliver a message it should teach in an entertaining or interesting way. Sajjan does not come anywhere close to the entertainment or the interest factor. The story does contain a message in it but the complete movie could not do any justice to the message.

The plot revolves around one main character i.e. Sajjan (KS Makhan), who comes to Canada after getting married to Jassi (Simran Sachdeva) in Punjab. But due to some problem they get separated and Sajjan gets himself involved in gangsters. Then he goes on and on with crimes and gets himself deeper in the crime world. The story includes another girl Ruby, who is a police cop but falls for criminal Sajjan. But how Sajjan gets through the difficulties and finds his love, for that you need to watch the movie.

Sajjan – The Real Friend hasn’t been able to impress from any aspect. The subject may be good but not a unique one and the story sequence troubles it even more. The movie may be made with the purpose of spreading a good message to the youngsters who are crazy about abroad. In the movie, they tried to show that life could get in so much trouble in the alien world. But the way the movie is made, not many people can accept the message too because after all it’s a fiction and people are there to be entertained along with other things. If you are laughing and dancing in such condition when one should be down and out, you can’t be a human being, so such points take the movie far away from the reality.

On the acting aspect, not many actors have been able to leave their mark in Sajjan – The Real Friend. I have to say that even the main lead actor KS Makhan, who is such a wonderful singer, could not impress with his character in the movie. His negative character as Akaal in Pinky Moge Wali looked way better than his lead character in Sajjan – The Real Friend. The main female lead Simran Sachdeva did her role well enough and looks like she has got a good acting career ahead. Other star cast including Dilip Tahil, a well known bollywood actor, could not leave any impression in the movie.

Sunil Taneja, the director of Sajjan, has tried some smart things which can be noticed from a technical point of view. But there is nothing splendid with direction also. Music of the movie is very average which is quite a strange thing for a movie when it includes a brilliant singer like KS Makhan. Background music is decent and the cinematography is quite good.

All in all Sajjan – The Real Friend is a below average movie even though it plays on a social message but a movie is a movie and has to be made like a movie to get Hit written over it.

From, Sajjan – The Real Friend gets 1.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera

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