Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Movie Review – Sikander


The title Sarsa changed to Sikander for some reasons and the release of the movie delayed by nearly a year. Now the movie has been released but with some extra protections in theatres and with A rating too. Carrying so many narrative things, Sikander came to the screens today.

Sikander is a typical Jatinder Mauhar movie. Jatinder Mauhar directed Mika Singh starrer Mitti in 2010 and while watching Sikander one gets the feeling of Mitti part two. Though the title of the movie should have been Satta, rather than Sikander or Sarsa.

About Story –
Sikander (Kartar Cheema) comes to Chandigarh University where he watches two groups fighting for domination in the University. Some how Sikander joins one of the groups, whose leader Fateh (Nishawn Bhullar) is killed by the opposite group members Harjang (Yaad Grewal) and Pandit (Victor John). After Fateh’s death other members of the group choose Sikander as their leader and then the fight of implementing power and domination begins. Sikander’s ex girl friend Beant (Gul Panag) is also a student of University who later on stands against Sikander but Sikander still has the feelings for her. Fight for power and touching love story move parallel in the movie.

Whats Good –
When the movie starts, the first few minutes make us feel like we are watching a Ram Gopal Verma (Bollywood) movie. Concept is something different for a Punjabi movie and reasonably interesting too. Direction, Camera work and the Act by all the artists are some things which are truly awesome and admirable for a Punjabi movie.

Whats Not –
The story of the movie doesn’t keep it interesting all the way. Most of the scenes are too short for audience to understand the situation every time, they should have been explained more. The movie could have run equally well without the abusive language for which it has got the A rating.

About Characters –
If we talk about acting, no one can raise a finger on Sikander. All the actors played their part wonderfully well including the supporting cast. Not a single character looked odd or loose. Kartar Cheema and Gul Panag are the lead charaters in Sikander and they didn’t left any loop whole in their characters especially Gul Panag who is making her debut in Pollywood. Yaad Grewal got a good opportunity to prove what he’s got in Sikander and he has responded really well. But I would like to mention character specially, that is Raj Singh Jhinger, he has played a role of his life, tremendous. Victor John, Manav Vij and other supporting cast, all of them have a done a really appreciable job according to their characters.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –

Story cannot be called a disastrous but still the weakest point of the movie. It has to be called weak not because of the theme but for being so short. Screenplay and dialogs looked like got worked very hard upon. Most of the movie has got meaningful and solid punch lines but the abusing language can never be admired.

About Music & Background Score –

There aren’t many songs which one would like to sit and listen to them repeatedly or the songs which can hit the DJ floors. But still the full of feeling songs go on with the story. But for background music, Sikander is amongst the best Punjabi movies. Background music is really meaningful and makes the movie more appealing than anything else.

About Direction –
Jatinder Mauhar directed Mitti in 2010 and if we talk about his direction in that movie, it was no mug. But in Sikander Jatinder Mauhar has done an absolutely remarkable work. His direction reminds of Bollywood Director Ram Gopal Verma for movies like Sarkar. Camera work is another thing which has been outstanding in the movie.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Sikander is a commendable movie experience for Punjabi cinema. It lifts the loss of being short, could have been better if it was stretched for another 15-20 minutes so the topics could get some more explanation. But yet it is praiseworthy for its Direction, Background Music and the Act by all the artists.

Star Rating –
From, Sikander gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera