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Movie Review – Singh v/s Kaur


Punjabi cinema is going through the era of rom-com movies. Most of the movies are concentrating less on subject but more on entertainment which is not a bad choice at the moment. But if we compare it with Bollywood, one big factor is still missing in Punjabi Cinema that is the high flying action sequences. But this “is” gonna turn into “was” after watching the love story of Singh v/s Kaur.

Singh v/s Kaur has brought up the level of action scenes which was still not narrated to Punjabi Cinema, comparatively to Bollywood movies or South Indian movies. Well the subject does make it a love story and it contains the fair amount of comedy, so it is a wide ranging researched topic. Few small flaws may be there but not big enough to take something out of the movie and everything else in the movie definitely prevail over and outnumber the small deficiencies. The movie committed so much from its promos and it has delivered more than its trailer clips promised. It has got everything to call it a movie for every age group and it also drives home an extremely valid point that is, the life in Punjab, especially in village is heartening and far too comfortable than any where else.

Singh v/s Kaur narrates to the story of a Punjabi boy Nihal Singh (Gippy Grewal) who is a free spirited soul but a very mischievous nature. That makes him the headache of complete village and everyone wants him to leave their village. Nihal tells them a lie to protect his reputation and that lie takes him to Canada to find and bring Jasneet Kaur (Surveen Chawla) to his village. In his search, he is being helped by his uncle Mr. Dhindsa (BN Sharma) and his tenant Simrat (Japji Khaira). That mission brings in so much fun and some difficulties too.

Comparisons apart, but while you are watching Singh v/s Kaur, makes you feel like watching Singh is King, Rowdy Rathore and Bodyguard kinda bollywood movie. For Punjabi cinema, it has been a new treasure in the showcase. Every movie has to choose something out of Romance, Action, Comedy, Emotion or even most of those according to the subject. But in very few movies all these things can be found together and well maintained, Singh v/s Kaur is definitely one of those few movies which do justice to each of the factors.

Ever since Gippy Grewal has made his way into Punjabi movies, his graph is going upwards in terms of acting. But this is his best performance as an actor. He has adapted very well into every segment whether its comedy, romance or action, he looks so natural in Singh v/s Kaur. Surveen Chawla has already shown many a times that what she is capable of and in this movie his talent can only be felt enhanced. It is a welcome back movie for Japji Khaira and she didn’t look like in any trouble in making a comeback. She looks very attractive and did complete justice to her character. As always, Binnu Dhillon cannot remain unnoticed in any of his movies. BN Sharma and Karamjit Anmol added a lot to the comedy segment of the movie. Rohit Khurana acted wonderfully in his cameo.

There have been very few directors in Punjabi Cinema who carry the hit list with their names and Navaniat Singh is one of the frontrunners in that category. It won’t be a mistake if we call Singh v/s Kaur his best directorial performance till date. Dheeraj Rattan has already contributed a lot to the Punjabi cinema with his story writing and Singh v/s Kaur is another fabulous effort in terms of Story & Screenplay.

Thers is no doubt about Gippy Grewal’s heart throbbing singing and his popularity amongst the Punjabi Music fans. Popularity of the Music of Singh v/s Kaur can be estimated anywhere, in parties, in clubs etc. because songs like Massi, Singha Singha and Bukchu are the favourite beats of every DJ and the listeners these days. Jatinder Shah hasn’t left any loophole in producing music and background score. Cinematography is tremendous, the Canada segment appeals a lot.

All in all, Singh v/s Kaur is amongst the most accomplished movies. Youth brigade will definitely like the movie, but other age groups will also find a lot for them in it. Singh v/s Kaur is a well engaged and balanced drama movie. It contains just the right kind of sparkle to last longer in the hearts of viewers.

From, Singh v/s Kaur gets 4.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera

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