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Movie Review – Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22


The current era of Punjabi movies has made the job little easier for the concept writers but on the other hand, it has forced dialog writers to compile every portion of their mind to write such dialogs and screenplay which can entertain the audience for the whole duration of the movie. To add to that, even the most of the audience needs just entertainment these days rather than falling deep in the story.

Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 is also another example of the movies where concept and story hardly matters, the only thing which matters is, the entertainment. Where the audience can just laugh out loud, can whistle and enjoy themselves for whole 2 hours. The movie includes everything which was expected from it, after seeing its promos. There is lot to enjoy including dialogs, music, cast performances, locations and much more. But with maximum positives, it contains few flaws as well. Story sequence tends to break at some points, some topics could get some more depth and the ending of the movie deducts few marks from its rating. But overall the movie has more to enjoy than to criticize and it looks another addition to the hit list of Punjabi movies.

As it looked, the story revolves around two main characters, Robby (Amrinder Gill) and Rolly (Honey Singh). They are the fun makers and careless sons of a business man father in Australia. But their father, Mr. Brar (Shivender Mahal) is worried about their casual life style and he wants them to connect themselves with the Punjabi culture. So for that particular reason, Mr. Brar sends Robby and Rolly to Punjab with some conditions applied*. Now Robby and Rolly has two challenges ahead, one is to leave Australian fun and adjust themselves in Punjab and the other is to fulfil that condition, set by their father. They start their challenging journey with the help of their home care taker Sheru (Binnu Dhillon). In the process, Robby falls for Simmi (Mandy Takhar) and Wamiqa Gabbi falls for Rolly. So the fun, romance and little confusion makes it and keeps it interesting till the climax.

Following the trend of rom-com movies, Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 has succeeded to fulfil the audience’s expectations. It has been full of comedy through out the 2 hours with some addition of emotional sequences. It can be said that it is a yet another movie targeting the youth audience. Story and concept may not be superb but dialogs, screenplay and locations have made it a complete entertainment. Story looses its sequence at some points, even some topics needed little more depth than they have been given in the movie especially the both love stories. Just before the climax, the movie builds itself for a good ending but it ends in a time of hiccup which certainly deducts some credit from its ratings. But still the movie presents a good package for audience to laugh out loud and enjoy it till the very end. It seems that Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 will be another good addition to the Punjabi movies hit list which is a very good news for Punjabi cinema.

All the actors have done fair amount of justice to their characters in the movie. As he always does, Amrinder Gill has gently fitted himself in his character of Robby. Mandy Takhar has proved again that why she is amongst the top actresses of Punjabi movies. She looks beautiful, charming and has acted very naturally in the movie. Wamiqa Gabbi has also played her part well. The others like Shivender Mahal, Karamjeet Anmol, Bhotu Shah, all of them have done a good job. But above all the stands out performers in the movie are Yo Yo Honey Singh and Binnu Dhillon. Both of them have given their best performances. It’s their characters that have made a big addition to the fun and entertainment in the movie.

Amit Prasher, the director has done an awesome job with his shot makings. The movie appeals a lot because of its direction work. Dheeraj Rattan has given a decent story for wonderful screenplay and dialogs. There is not too much doubt left in the quality of the music when the music director is the man himself, Yo Yo Honey Singh. All the songs are very nice but the picks are Sargi, Baby This Baby That and Wakh. Background score is also very decent.

All in all, Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 is a complete entertainment package. Targeted to the youth audience, the movie will go a long way from here on especially when there is no other highly awaited Punjabi movie will hit the screens for next few weeks.

From, Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22 gets 3.5/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera

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