Movie Review – Yaaran Da Katchup

A film based on true friendship, that’s what has been said during the promotions of ‘Yaaran Da Katchup’. They say friends go apart from each other when they get involved in the families and some go out of touch completely. Yaaran Da Katchup team states that you will understand the value of friendship after watching this film.

The melodious singer, Hardy Sandhu who earned so much fame with his song “Soch”, is making his acting debut with Yaaran Da Katchup.

About Story –
The story revolves around three friends, Hardy Gill (Hardy Sandhu), Arjun Singh (Anil Juneja) and Fateh King (Varun Sharma) who are the lives of each other at a time but as the time goes on they all settle in their own lives. But a day comes when Arjun gets fed up of his married life with Simrat (Anita Hassanandani) and on the other hand Fateh is upset because no girl agrees to marry him, So they both decide to visit to Gill who is settled in Thailand and married with Nona (Yuvika Chaudhary). But once again Arjun’s father in law Sukhbir Singh Sohi (Jaswinder Bhalla) comes in the way and he also reaches Thailand with Arjun and Fateh. Miracle happens in Fateh’s life when a beautiful girl, Ruby (Shagun Jaiswal) gets impressed on him. Then all the three friends have to go through a lot to settle Fateh with Ruby.

What’s Good –
Yaaran Da Katchup is truly a friendship based film with some real life situations. It has got not only the one to one comedy but also the situational comedy very well created. Characters performances are very nice considering few of them are making their debuts.

What’s Not –
It has to be said that there is a common problem in so many Punjabi films that is; the story sequencing. The story leaves the path at some points which becomes an issue in a free flowing movie.

About Characters –
Hardy Sandhu has already won so many hearts with his singing and now he is trying his hands in the acting field. It has to be said that Hardy looks a natural actor and has acting within himself. He has looked impressive in his debut and we can hope for a charming Punjabi actor in Hardy Sandhu in near future. Anil Juneja has shown his eight packs body in the film quite a few times which is certainly a big plus in him, along with his body he has shown some really wonderful acting skills to establish as a lead actor in Punjabi movies. Much like in Fukrey, Varun Sharma entertains the audience with his very well played comic role and he is certainly a very talented actor. Jaswinder Bhalla is the limelight of the movie. He is tremendous with his dialog delivery which he has done so many times in the past, he lifts the movie superbly. BN Sharma is again terrific with his acting along with Rana Ranbir who has to change so many faces to make his role memorable. Female actresses might not have the longer appearance in the movie but all of them (Yuvika Chaudhary, Anita Hassanandani and Shagun Jaiswal) are very good with their characters.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
The story concept cannot be said something very new but not bad by any means. It’s as simple as some Bollywood masti comedy films. Screenplay is about average but dialogs are very nice especially from Jaswinder Bhalla.

About Music & Background Score –
Music of Yaaran Da Katchup has some nice variety like dancing numbers and romantic tracks. Nede Nede by Alisha Chinoi, Munda Sohna by Hardy Sandhu along with the title track are the picks.

About Direction –
Abhay Baiju Chhabra hasn’t done a bad job in his debut Punjabi movie. Coming from the Jha camp, Abhay has shown some good potential to become a regular director in Punjabi movies.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Yaaran Da Katchup is a decent effort and deserves a watch. It has got some halts but still entertains in the most part. Actor’s performances and dialogs are some things you can watch out for.

Star Rating –
From, Yaaran Da Katchup gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera