Archaeological collector, Parminder Singh with huge collection of items from 10th Century onwards

Everyone have their own interests and likes. But there are some, who like to know about the history and old culture and how our human race gone through the vast changes. Such persons collect the items which belong to the old times and history. They are called the collectors or archaeological collectors.

Recently we have come to know about a person who is collecting very old items and coins of the past history.

Parminder Singh, resident of Mandi Ahmedgarh, is the person we are talking about. His collection is very vast and goes way back to 10th century items. He often calls an exhibition to show his collections in places like Schools, Colleges and in Fairs.

Some of the items included in his collections are Unth di Kaathi (Camel’s Saddle) which is 350 years old, and original book written by renowned writer, Mirza Galib and Ramayan written by Tulsi Das in 1861.

But the old coins are the main attraction of his collection which comes way back from 1000 years. In his collection, he has the coins which comes from the time of the kings like Tipu Sultan, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Maharaja Rajinder Singh Patiala to name a few. Coins from the year 1022 at the time of Baadshah Jahangir, year 1260 of Samsudin Almsat, year 1545 of Himanyu and year 1550 of Shershah Suri are very collectable.

He also includes the heritage items like Chakki (Mill), Bartan (Utensils), Kirpaan (Swords), Teer (Arrows), Bandook (Rifles) which belongs to the time of 16th and 17th century.

These things are very rare and one must visit his exhibition to go through the old times.

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