Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Cinema and Music is getting infected by a poisonous bug called Piracy !


Cinema and music have been the sources of entertainment for people from last many decades. People of almost all age groups, whether male or female, adult or kids, comes in the count of cinema viewers and music listeners. Indian cinema, which is considered to be the world’s largest cinema industry is consisting of various regional film industries. One of the healthy cinema industry among those is our Punjabi cinema which has known for it’s cultural enrichment. Moreover, making of Punjabi music album is the source of revenue generation for a large number of singers who completely rely on it. Punjabi cinema holds the worldwide popularity and the viewers of Punjabi cinema as well as the listeners of Punjabi music desperately waits for good Punjabi movies and music albums. Moreover they always keep an eye on the Punjabi movie and music album releases. But the all good health and wealth of Punjabi cinema is getting infected since long by a poisonous bug called Piracy. The factor of fear in these days is the fastest growing rate of Piracy. As the cinema of Punjab is already facing up with the problems like language barrier, low budget, lack of resources, poor content etc, now piracy has become the biggest threat for it. In countries like India, Pakistan, UK, USA and Canada there are millions of Punjabi cinema lovers but Piracy is killing this industry.

Punjabi music plays the role of tremendous support for making a Punjabi movie a big hit. So many new Punjabi music albums fall up in the market daily. But along with the Punjabi movies, the Punjabi music industry is also affected by Piracy. There are many prominent personalities from the Punjabi music industry who have currently stopped releasing their songs and music albums due to this problem. Piracy is exported to India from adjoining countries. A huge network of piracy is spread all over joining one country with the other for the piracy trade purpose. Being an illegal offense, today it has become a source of earning bread for a large number of people and especially for those, who are unemployed as well as illiterate. Nowadays, people are even watching Punjabi movies through pirated videos during the same time when shown in cinema hall and Multiplexes and many a times even before. The content of Punjabi cinema can be marketed legally and it is not all much expensive. Moreover this would be of great help for the Punjabi production houses as they would be expecting to deal with their target audience. Removal of piracy would lead the Punjabi cinema to have a rapid growth.

Groups and individuals who are involved in the piracy scams are really need to be exposed. There are huge number of music websites which are providing access to illegal downloading of Punjabi music. Such website runners are creating a mess by their super active presence on social networking sites for example on Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 etc. It is so because they keep on sharing various links of their illegal music websites with their friends to share music. This process is distributing the virus of piracy and it is spreading all around. This is even becoming a big drawback of globalization which has turned this world into a single living society. We all know that piracy needs to be stopped but the question arises how ??????

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  • first u need to control the internet file sharing and then the markeet piracy!
    today every one has mobile phones, so they listen their music on mobiles.. whats the source of music??? internet.. those wapsites.. and where those wapsites getting music is from fils sharing… or u can say wapsites/mobile sites are misusing the fils sharing content to feed the normal people’s music appetite and they dream to make some money out of it… which want the motto of file sharing.
    and somewhere the whole industry and artists are supporting these websites thsts why they are growing easily! may be they getting some shares by supporting them.. who knows!!
    have you ever heared of any campaigns by any big artist to stop any kind of piracy??? NO. they just say… buy original!

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