During his ongoing troubles, here are some facts to be considered about Gurbaksh Chahal

Reading about successful young entrepreneur, Gurbaksh Chahal, I found a quote that inspired me to me to write few words about him:

“I thought if I could write about my life and my journey and people could connect it with their own life, their own path, they could realize, ‘If he can do it, so why can’t I.'”

gurbaksh_chahalGurbaksh is one of four children in a family that immigrated from India to San Jose, in 1986 to escape political instability arising from the Sikh separatist movement.

In his book “The Dream,” he says, “I’m also a big believer in karma, and you want to make sure you spread enough good in this world.” At the age of 16 years old, Gurbaksh becomes one of the first youngest entrepreneur millionaires. He sold his first company to Click Agent, for $40 million., and the age of 24, his second company Blue Lithium to Yahoo! For $300 million, he started his third Gravity 4 company at the age of 27.
Gurbaksh is contributes to many charities across the U.S.


While researching about him, I found that he is involved in:

American Red Cross Doctors without Borders
Pace University GurbakshChahal Scholarship
Canadian Red Cross Make-a-Wish Foundation
One Laptop per Child Foundation Keep a Child Alive Foundation
J/P Haitian Relief Org. Projectnightnight.org
Chahal Foundation and many more …

Not only does he do charity work in the U.S. but in other countries too. His own country, India, he helped many schools and charities to keep them running.

Now why I am writing this?

While reading more about him, I found that there is some current trials against him. He made mistakes in the past and paid his dues. However, he is being tried poorly by officials and forced to face a past he has already left behind.
Gurbaksh-Chahal-In one of the recent articles about him:
Yet, the irony of the situation is, Gurbaksh is unable to end hate in this country or in the US. Rather, he has become one of the favorite targets of the social media cyber bullying.
In the recent times, ripping off any successful young person to shreds is the favorite part-time hobby of many Internet trolls as well as media companies (sadly). Any person, who is successful now, can easily be brought down to their knees, for the social media creates a glass cased home for us. Any troll, foe or friend can easily throw a stone at them, and then step back to watch them tumble down to nothing in minutes.

I’m not saying to forget his mistakes, I am just asking all my friends to remember what he has also done for others.