Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Question for all: Which way our Punjabi Music is going ?

Punjabi Music and Punjabi Singers

This article is not about one or few songs which are mentioned in the Article, in fact it is for all of those artists who are doing such songs, videos, movies etc.

By seeing the kind of Punjabi music stuff running on TV channels these days, I am forced to think and ask everyone that which way our Punjabi Music is going?

Are we known for the stuff which is most preferred content for Singers, Lyricists and perhaps for some amount of listeners too!

I would like to put a light on some songs which have released in recent past and making us feel ashamed when we relate them to our real Punjabi Music and Punjabi culture.

Punjabi Music and Punjabi SingersHeard a song saying “Veera Veera Keh Ke Dil Tod Dinni Ae”, what rubbish is this? It cannot get more shameful than Insulting a brother-sister relation. Because if a girl is saying Veera to someone, that means she is considering him like a brother and the boy says his heart gets broken whenever she calls that. Rubbish !! In another song, guys saying “Jatt De Thikane Balliye Rab V Na Jaane Balliye”. Wow A Jatt has got bigger than God ! Come on guys, you are such wonderful artists, at least keep some sensibility while choosing your lyrics. Because the music is not just for the entertainment, it is the supplement of soul for the listeners. Someone saying “Police Bhaaldi Firdi Ae”, is it a some kind of proudest thing to mention ? Is the police finding you give you a some kind of reward ? An experienced and one of the popular lyricists should not say such words. Another similar song says “Kitho Fad Lau Police Ni Tera Yaar Purana Paapi Ae”, does this help increasing your reputation, calling yourself a Paapi?

It is not possible to mention all the songs but bulk of the songs having Vulgar wordings in their raps or some kind of Quarrel and Fighting words (Ladayi Jhagde) in them.

It is also true that the people have their own choice whether to listen these kind of songs or not but some of the listeners are not in the state of mind to decide that such things are affecting them. According to a survey, the biggest amounts of listeners to such songs are aging from 12 to 22 years. So in other words, the listeners to such songs are mostly the Children or very young boys and girls.

The question to be asked to the Singers and Lyricists is, What kind of messages are you giving to the youngsters? These are not just the songs for entertainment to them, most of them actually try the things which you are singing and showing in the video. We all can see them doing this on roads, at home, in schools, in colleges and anywhere.

It is a humble request to our Singers, Lyricists and to all the concerned people that please make a good use of your fame and if you are on a place where people follow you then choose a better way to lead them.

Otherwise please add a message to your songs and videos for the youngsters, as they say in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), PLEASE DON’T LISTEN, WATCH AND SING AT HOME, AT SCHOOL, AT COLLEGE ETC.

Thanks !!

Written by – Anonymous Punjabi