Double Di Trouble – Movie Review

The Bollywood He-man, Dharmendra, Showman of the Bollywood, Subhash Ghai’s banner, superstar of Punjabi movies, Gippy Grewal, when you have all these names relating to one project then what better can anyone expect for calling it a dream project.

Dharmendra is making a comeback in Punjabi cinema after a long span of time. So this must be a special film not only for Gippy Grewal & team but for whole of Punjab and Punjabi movies lovers.

About Movie –
As the title suggests, the plot is a comedy of errors between twins and their families. Ajit Singh (Dharmendra) is a lawyer and lives in a village with his son Fateh (Gippy Grewal). One day they have to go to Chandigarh for some case and the trouble starts from there onwards. People identify them as Manjit Singh (Dharmendra) and Ekam (Gippy Grewal) who are also the lawyers by profession. By mistake Ajit & Fateh reach at Manjit & Ekam’s house where Manjit’s wife Pammi (Poonam Dhillon) and her brother Goni (Gurepreet Ghuggi) get upset by thinking that Manjit has lost memory and same thing happens with Fateh where Ekam’s wife (Kulraj Randhawa) goes mad at what Fateh speaks. So many other characters get involve into the troubling confusion.

What’s Good –
It’s always good to see Dharmendra in a Punjabi movie but except that, disappointingly there aren’t many things which go in favor of the film. There are only a few entertaining patches. Characters performances are something to call a positive for Double Di Trouble.

What’s Not –
The movie doesn’t fulfill the expectations in any department. By looking at the promo, it was expected to be full of confusions and would be a laughter bunch but it’s not to be. There are very few scenes which entertain the audience, most of the movie goes very flat. The story looks the weakest part of Double Di Trouble.

About Characters –
Doesn’t matter it’s a Hindi or a Punjabi film, no one can doubt Dharmendra’s performance in any character. He still looks as good as in his young days and it’s been a yet another terrific display by the He-man. Gippy Grewal is one of the very few Punjabi actors now a days who never leave a margin of errors in the acting. This has been a double impressive character display by him. Have to feel sorry for the female actresses, Kulraj Randhawa & Minissha Lamba because they couldn’t deliver what we have seen from them in the past, perhaps these weren’t the characters for both of them. First time ever, it has to be said Gurpreet Ghuggi doesn’t look at his best. It’s an OK performance by him which is not the word for a big actor like Gurpreet Ghuggi. Poonam Dhillon did a decent job in the character of Dharmendra’s wife.

About Direction –
It’s really hard to believe that this film has come out Smeep Kang’s armory. He has been one of the very few directors of Punjabi cinema who never loses the grip on the story but it has been something which doesn’t suit his standards.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
Story seems to be the weakest point of the Double Di Trouble. It doesn’t contain as much confusion as it was expected of it. Screenplay & Dialogues have to be called very weak for a Smeep Kang film. His earlier movies relied heavily on the memorable dialogs and the comic screenplays.

About Music & Background Score –
Again the first time ever words for a Gippy Grewal movie where very of the songs touch the nodes of the audience. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Aisi Mulaqaat is best by far and other one is the Football by Gippy Grewal to pick out of the others. Background Music might not be tremendous but hasn’t been too bad either.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Double Di Trouble doesn’t fulfill the expectations which were very high from the movie. Presence of Dharmendra and Gippy Grewal might attract the audience in heavy numbers towards the cinema halls for first few days but the star studded Double Di Trouble might face trouble on the box-office after few days.

Star Rating –
From, Double Di Trouble gets 2/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera