Movie Review – Munde Kamaal De

Amrinder Gill is still tasting the super success of Angrej and in comes his another movie on screen “Munde Kamaal De”. With that Amrinder will be on multi screens simultaneously.

Amrinder’s co-star in Angrej, Binnu Dhillon is also in there in Munde Kamaal De and they are joined by Yuvraj Hans too in this movie.

About Story –
It’s a story of three physically disabled boys. Vikram (Amrinder Gill) who is a deaf is in love with Sonia (Mandy Takhar), Rocky (Yuvraj Hans), the dumb boy is in love with Sonia’s sister, Jessica (Sufi Gulati) and the blind, Tinku (Binnu Dhillon) wants to marry Kajal (Prabhjeet Kaur) who is a tenant with her brother (Karamjit Anmol) in Sonia & Jessica’s home. All three boys have to hide their disabilities from Sonia & Jessica’s father, Balwant Singh Sidhu (Jaswinder Bhalla) to take their love to the marriage. But it’s not easy to hide such big problems all the way.

What’s Good –
Super funny dialogs and screenplay are the back bone of Munde Kamaal De. Brilliant performance by the all the star cast is a big plus in the movie. Combination of deaf, dumb and blind has been used to a good effect.

What’s Not –
Story needed to have some more logic to support the superb comedy punches and actors performance. There are some technical faults too especially the audio in some scenes.

About Characters –
Amrinder Gill looks ever so easy in lead roles now after Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo and he is good at leading the ship in Munde Kamaal De. Yuvraj Hans has got perhaps the most difficult role of his career as he doesn’t have a dialog to speak and has to act by gestures, it has to be said that he has done well enough to justify the character of a dumb. Binnu Dhillon is amazing and entertaining as ever. He has many ways to make the audience laugh and being blind is one of them. Mandy Takhar is one actress who doesn’t care about size zero and all but still looks amazing on screen with her features and expressions. After winning so much of appreciation with her lead role in SardaarJi, she has played her character pretty well in this movie too. Sufi Gulati and Prabhjeet Kaur don’t have much to do in the movie but they have done decently in their individual performances. Jaswinder Bhalla and BN Sharma are two of the main pillars of entertainment in the movie. Karamjit Anmol is good as always.

About Direction –
Amit Prasher has proved himself as a kind of specialist in making comedy movies. By making some very good sequences and on the other hand leaving some technical faults, Amit Prashar has done an even-steven job in Munde Kamaal De. He has used the locations to a really good effect.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
Story cannot be called a strong point of the movie, infact it’s the week leg of it. Screenplay is ok but dialogs are very entertaining and the strongest of other things in Munde Kamaal De.

About Music –
Music is about an average one for a Amrinder Gill movie. Just the Diljaniya and Naina Baawre are the picks out of all the songs.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all, Munde Kamaal De is not one of the complete films. One can enjoy the movie for its dialogs and individual performances but can’t get attached to the story. Not a bad option to watch once either.

Star Rating –
From, Munde Kamaal De gets 3/5.

Review by – Sarvjit Khera