Second Hand Husband – Movie Review

After achieving the heights of success in Punjabi cinema, the superstar of Punjabi Industry, desi rockstar Gippy Grewal is making his debut in bollywood with Second Hand Husband.

This Hindi movie contains almost the same Punjabi flavor which we usually see in Gippy Grewal’s movies.

About Story –
Rajbir (Gippy Grewal) somehow gets seperated from his wife Neha (Geeta Basra) and in love with Gurpreet (Tina Ahuja). But Gurpreet’s family applies a condition on Rajbir that he can marry Gurpreet only if he doesn’t have to pay anything to his ex-wife Neha. To get rid of the alumni, Rajbir tries to find a guy who can get married with Neha. Eventually he sights his own boss, Ajit Singh (Dharmendra) who is having problems in his married life because of his flirting nature.

What’s Good –
First and the biggest positive outcome of the movie is that our Punjabi superstar has made his debut in the bollywood and that too with a lead role, so it should be admired buy one and all. Idea of the movie is very good and takes the movie into an entertaining category from the very beginning.

What’s Not –

Sadly the movie fails to grip after the beginning at least till the interval. The story lacks the quantity of joyful scenes and the laughter punches. Story flow breaks at some points and makes it difficult to attach to it.

About Characters –

Dharmendra, well when we see that name, there is no question that his character can’t justify with the movie. So as always, Dharam ji plays his role perfectly except some scenes where he seems difficult to judge whether he is drunk or not! Gippy Grewal looks a very mature actor now and he seems very comfortable whatever he has to perform on screen. He did his job very well. The daughter of a great Bollywood actor, Govinda, Tina Ahuja is also making her debut with this movie and she looks like doing so. She doesn’t have much to in the film but she just did it ok. Geeta Basra will definitely earn some more fame after this movie as she looked pretty good with her role and with her looks too. The supporting cast like, Sanjay Mishra, Vijay Raaz & Ravi Kishan deserve a big applause for lifting the story every time they come on screen.

About Direction –
Smeep Kang is one of the top directors of Punjabi movies and he has given some unforgettable movies like Carry on Jatta, Lucky Di Unlucky Story etc. to Punjabi cinema. But he hasn’t looked on top of his work in this movie as he lets the story slip away for quite a few times.

About Story, Screenplay & Dialogs –
As mentioned earlier, story isn’t the stronger as it was expected to be. Screenplay is ok and dialogs are good but there should have been more laughter punches than there actually are.

About Music –
If it’s a Gippy Grewal movie, then the music has to be one of the strongest segments of the movie and it is the case with Second Hand Husband too. All the songs are very good, so Jatinder Shah, Dr Zeus, Badshah & Surinder Rattan deserves the appreciation for creating the lively music for this movie.

All in All (About Movie) –
All in all Second Hand Husband is only good in patches. Unfortunately, it might not turn out to be a smarter move for the Punjabi rockstar, Gippy Grewal’s career.

Star Rating –
From, Second Hand Husband gets 2/5.